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Developing a dynamic and functional multilingual website that can be managed efficiently is often considered a rather daunting logistical and financial challenge.

It doesn’t need to be.

Giantsc has provided the linguistic solution for many leading organizations who deliver their business proposition via the internet.

Our technical and linguistic expertise means that we are able to work as a language-specialist extension of your own development team during the planning and implementing your sites.

Content translation
You can export your site content to Giantsc in a variety of formats; basic copy platform (Word/.txt document), database, xml etc. We translate and return the files in the same format.

Localization for small sites
Giantsc will deliver a ready to publish website in all the languages you need. Our team use professional tools that protect the code in your source files, meaning you can rest assured there will be no broken code to ‘repair’ in the translated files! We can translate HTML, Flash, XML, ASP and other file formats.

Ongoing multilingual web site maintenance
Giantsc uses the latest translation productivity technologies to provide on-going cost efficiencies for your future multilingual content requirements.

The Giantsc project management team will provide exactly the level of support that you require, ensuring that.

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