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Giantsc is unique in that it combines a wealth of professional marketing expertise and the ability to design and build new, or adapt existing websites and translate or localize content from within a single organization. Giantsc approaches creation and localization of multilingual websites as a marketing communications exercise; with business expectations as a primary consideration.

As we understand our clients’ brand investment, maintaining values without dilution of core messages is always our objective.

We deliver websites in all languages for both Public and Private Sector organizations.

The Benefits of Integration
Giantsc is a unique organization; combining professional website design and marketing expertise with the skills to develop complex website infrastructures and the ability to translate content.

Creating and managing a multi-lingual website is more complex than a single-language website. For instance, content for a multilingual site is unlikely to the same for each market or language. Additionally, promotions designed for one market may not be applicable in another.

At Giantsc, we never ‘just translate’ websites.

E-Business & Localization Consultancy
By clearly understanding client-side goals Giantsc are able to advice upon tactical, creative, strategic, technical and linguistic issues relating to website management, design, build and localization. These considerations can then be rolled out into overall e-marketing activity.

Our Credentials
Key members of the management team have worked client-side and agency-side positions across the marketing, design, localization disciplines. Currently we work with many high-profile local, national and global organizations on a broad range of projects.

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