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Step 1: Source Checking
Check source files if any missing fonts or images, if any instructions unclear. And try to get the needed files or fonts at the first time.

Step 2: Team Creation
Organize a DTP team for the specific project by DTP leader, and send the clear instructions to DTPers.

Step 3: Typesetting
The DTP specialists proceed with the typesetting according to Giantsc standard procedure and client instructions.

Step 4: Self-QA
The DTP specialists do self-QA against Giantsc QA guideline.

Step 5: DTP QA
- The DTP team leader is responsible for their team’s quality, including through checking of the DTPed files, pick up the issues, and instruct the DTPers to fix at the earlist time.
- The QA specialist of DTP dept. will do the 2nd round sampling checking, and notify the team leader to arrange revisions accordingly if needed.

Step 6: Linguistic QA
Send the printed PDF to linguists for checking and make revisions accordingly.

Step 7: PDF Delivery
After complete the above steps, print the PDF and deliver it, possibly with the DTPed files.

Step 8: Client Checking
The client or end client check the layout and send comments back. Giantsc makes revisions until client satisfied.

Step 9: Final Delivery
Zip the all DTPed files including fonts and images, and upload as required.

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