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Giantsc provides a comprehensive technical documentation translation and production service aligned to the needs of software product developers requiring Help and User Guides, where consistency with the User Interface is critical.
Giantsc also supports the needs of product manufacturers in other sectors; audio and consumer electronics, mechanical and electrical engineering, transport (automotive and rail) and oil and gas exploration.

The use of professional translation and workflow tools reduces the cost of translation and DTP, delivering a high quality end product.

Refer to the technical translation section for more information.

Giantsc provide DTP for technical documentation in a range of applications; MS Word, FrameMaker, PageMaker, CorelDRAW, Quark and InDesign for both PC and Macintosh.

For online documentation we can support FlashHelp, WebHelp, Microsoft HTML Help, WinHelp, JavaHelp, Oracle Help for Java, HTML, and XML.

We can also edit or provide new technical illustration (2D, 3D and animated).

Often a translation alone will not convey the brand values inherent in the English versions of corporate, sales or marketing literature. Ensures critical documents are adapted accurately to meet local market expectations by using a combination of local market translators and copy writers.

Other issues, such as typography and image use may need special consideration if the localized version is to maintain established corporate design criteria whilst satisfying local markets culturally and commercially.

With in-house design, artwork and typesetting teams, reinforced by a large studio resource in India, Giantsc are able to undertake substantial project implementations in multiple languages quickly, and to extremely high standards.

For clients with on-going documentation requirements, Giantsc is able to deliver significant cost and time-to-market benefits.

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