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Translation of technical subjects benefits from strict adherence to a clearly defined workflow and quality process. Giantsc works to strict ISO-documented standards but these flexible enough to dovetail with clients’ own processes.
Pre-Project Planning
It’s vital to achieve an understanding of objectives and resources before embarking on translation. This analysis would include:
- Adoption of existing term dictionaries and translation memories if available, otherwise; creation of new term dictionaries and translation memories
- Defining style parameters specific to client and industry sector
- Translator testing
- Market requirements (terminology and style)
- File management/version control/nomenclature
- Fulfillment of print or online deliverables
- Workflow and approvals process
- Quality management expectations
- Defining agency and client-side actions
- Translation Productivity Tools
Giantsc uses Trados as the primary productivity tool when supporting larger or ongoing technical translation projects. The use of productivity tools enables us to gain cost and quality leveraging that often delivers significant savings to the client.
Term Dictionary Creation
Where a suitable term dictionary is not available we strongly advise creation of a specific approved terminology dictionary.
Giantsc has access to experienced terminologists in most countries who advise on current sector terminology. Where new terms are introduced (e.g. for a new product) we can develop terminology for client approval, or we can use in-country resources such as universities or research facilities to qualify new terms.
Term dictionaries are a valuable tool that must be updated regularly as part of the translation management process.
Translation Memories (TM)
Where there is an ongoing need for translation of technical subjects we would adopt existing Translation Memories or if not available we would create a suitable Memory at the end of the first work cycle in each language.
The use of TM improves translation consistency and accuracy. It also enables us to offer regular clients cost leveraging, re-using previously approved translated content. This attracts a lower rate (typically a 66% saving over the normal translation rate).
Reviews & Approvals
We handle the complete review and approval process where required, distributing files to your team, carrying out revisions as prescribed and providing the final deliverables.
Once the translations have been approved and completed, all terminology and Translation Memories are updated.

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