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Giantsc supports leading technology companies in Asia, Europe and America, providing a solidly dependable and comprehensive single-source solution for software product localization.

Giantsc adopts a structured approach to software localization:
- Identifying local market linguistic cultural and commercial
- Identifying local market linguistic cultural and commercial requirements
- Carrying out product analysis and building a localization plan
- Extracting text, graphic elements and other linguistic/culturally sensitive content
- Translating and adapting these elements
- Re-engineering the product to accept translated content
- Voice-over/subtitling
Testing of localized products to ensure they meet defined criteria
Giantsc provides clients with a professional environment and proven track record of localizing technically-demanding subject matter with high levels of complexity. We present a centralized production model, streamlined processes and deployment of collaboration technologies.

Using our workflow models clients enters new markets faster and with a greater degree of confidence safe in the knowledge their product is ready to meet the demands of new customers.

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