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Who can benefit?
Are you an EMEA office working with materials provided by your head office? If so, it is quite likely that in addition to translation services for your Europe, Asia and Middle Eastern markets, you will need your marketing materials reversioned or localized.

What is involved?
The process includes resizing documents and re-artworking them to include the translated language. Getting this right is a skilled process... if you’ve invested in having your original material developed professionally you should be thinking about ensuring the translated material reflects the quality of the original.

Reversion can include:
- Resizing
- Redesigning
- Insertion of translated text
- Artworking of text
- Proofreading
- Preparation for print
Liaising with local printers/print management
By integrating the translation and artwork adaptation process Giantsc takes the care to ensure your final product is delivered accurately and efficiently. It also means that your work assumes priority as you have direct control over what is happening with your project; it’s carried out in China and not on the other side of the world!

Our facilities
Giantsc operates a full in-house studio facility working with all commercial design and artworking packages as well as website build and illustration applications across Macintosh and PC platforms. All operatives are trained art-workers or designers - each understands the rules of typography for both print and online media.

For larger projects, involving multiple languages Giantsc utilizes software-led automation for the more labor-intensive aspects of artworking. This in turn allows your budget to be allocated to the important task of quality management rather than expensive but menial, production processes.

Exhibition support material
The same skills come into play should you have a need for material to support exhibitions, conferences or press launches. Design, translation and artworking of display graphics together with delegate packs, itineraries and handouts means you are free to focus on securing and supporting attendees.

Our experienced team can meet your almost all DTP needs. Our capabilities support double-bytes and most European languages, with PC and Mac platforms enabled. We have strict DTP QA process. Our in-house team and freelance database can take large volume DTP tasks with quality ensured.

Specific samples, languages and software types will be prepared upon request.

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