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Giantsc is uniquely positioned to provide a truly comprehensive ‘into English’ service. Giantsc has the skills not only to translate existing text, but also to create new content for complex subjects such as corporate brochures or advertising campaign copywriting. And using our in-house studio we can design new websites or marketing materials as well as adapt existing collateral specifically for English-speaking markets.

If working with a reliable English language service would benefit your business and ensure your clients’ success in an important new market, then please contact Giantsc on

English language translation and copywriting
Giantsc’s English language translation and creative copywriting team carries out translation and market adaptation/localization by native English talents. We are currently able to support the following activities/subjects:
- Advertising campaigns
- Corporate communications
- Marketing campaigns
- Website content
- Sales presentations
- Training materials
- Brand and market research materials
Our writing team has considerable experience in the filed of advertising, marketing and corporate communications, having worked for leading advertising agencies and also directly for client companies.

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