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Giantsc is trying to be an ISO 9001:2000 registered company.

ISO is an expression of our commitment to quality, both in our service and the quality of our translation product.

Translation quality is managed through strict application of industry standard processes and control mechanisms that are built into the translation tools that we and our translators use.

Quality processes are reviewed regularly as part of the ISO accreditation. Where required we can readily adapt our quality process to align with existing client-side processes.

Our quality manual is available upon request. And here is the translation process:
Step 1: Preparation
Make preparation for necessary reference, e.g. Translation Memory, previous translation, client website, glossary etc.

Step 2: Glossary Creation
Create the project-specific glossary and get client approval.

Step 3: Team Selection
Select the best suitable resource including translation team and reviewing team for this specific field.

Step 4: Project Management
The Project Managers monitor the projects during the whole process, and work with project team to ensure the project on time delivery. Their work scope includes but not limited to progress management, question submit, coordination with clients and teams, sampling checking etc.

Step 5: Quality Control
To manage the quality of a translation project, Giantsc also requires the following steps to be implemented:
- To select the project team member very carefully is very important to success.
- Translators need to submit questions they are uncertain in time.
- Reviewers are required to do 100% reviewing on the 1st round translation.
- Reviewers will have chance to proofread the DTPed PDF.
- Project Managers will do sampling checking before delivery.

Step 6: On Time Delivery
The Project Managers deliver the files on time based on delivery requirements.

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