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Despite being used interchangeably, interpretation and translation are not synonymous, but refer, respectively, to the spoken and written transference of meaning between two languages. Interpreting occurs in real time, in the presence - physical, televised, or telephonic - of the parties for whom the interpreter renders an interpretation. Translation is the transference of meaning from text to text (written or recorded), with the translator having time and access to resources (dictionaries, glossaries, etc.) to produce a faithful, true, and accurate document or verbal artifact.
Modes of interpreting
Simultaneous interpreting, Consecutive interpreting, Whispered interpreting, Relay interpreting
Liaison interpreting.

Types of interpreting
Conference interpreting, Legal and court interpreting, Escort interpreting, Public sector interpreting, Medical interpreting, Sign language interpreting, Media interpreting.

Interpreting modalities
On-site interpreting, Telephone interpreting, Video interpreting.
Value for money - always
Finding the best international conference event solution in terms of language support can be a complex and time-consuming job. Once armed with your budget for translation and interpreting services Giantsc will manage all the multilingual components of your project, leading to deadline and budgetary objectives always being met.
Giving you the freedom to work
Using Giantsc to facilitate your interpreting and other multilingual event requirements such as translation services means you the client, can remain free to concentrate on more important and business-critical issues during the run up to your event.
Working in partnership
Giantsc has significant experience in the supply and management of interpreter teams for all commercial languages across China, Asia and Europe. We support corporate clients who are managing their own event using their in house resources or alternatively with clients’ retained event management companies. We dovetail seamlessly and discreetly into whichever working model you have adopted.
Pre-event preparation
Where possible we would request a site visit to discuss equipment positioning, lighting, technical issues and also to assess any physical restrictions that might be in place (venue size, visibility, booth positioning). It’s important that this is carried out as it means everyone is fully prepared and evasive action does not have to be taken at the last minute.
All interpreting requirements
The company’s solutions encompass one-to-one sessions, small group site visits and research or training sessions, through to multiple language conferences with large numbers of delegates. We interpret using subject specialists who will be selected dependent on their skill set, meaning irrespective of conference, whispered, ad hoc or simultaneous interpreters are needed – their knowledge and experience matches your brief 100%.
Interpreting Equipment
Along with providing interpreters, we will co-ordinate the provision of equipment to enable the interpreters to carry out their job. High quality booths and sound equipment will be delivered to your venue together with support technicians who will remain on-site for the duration of the event. A Giantsc project manager will also be in attendance for the duration to oversee interpreting activity and ensure all aspects of the project run according to schedule.
Speaker support materials
If you have a need for interpreters it means my definition you have a non-English audience in attendance. It’s often easy to overlook the fact that presentation material and delegate handouts (PowerPoint, Keynote, Flash etc) may also need translation into a language understood by the audience. Giantsc will make sure that these items plus any other support material for both presentation and the event in general (signage, menus and itineraries) are translated accurately, art-worked and printed; delivered and ready for use.
Creative design and materials reversion
Giantsc is unique amongst translation companies inasmuch as we have our own in-house creative design and artwork studio. This means we are able to help clients with the design of invitations, presentations, signage, banners, delegate packs and other pre-event and event support materials. Alternatively we can simply adapt your existing materials for use in multiple languages.

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