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In the age of globalization the markets for all goods become more and more internationalized enforcing the need to provide information in a variety of languages. This is especially true for the software market, where the product itself consists nearly exclusively of localizable information. Translation and customization of software involves a variety of specialists, such as programmers, translators, localization engineers, quality assurance (QA) specialists and project managers. Software localization therefore does not only involve a smooth procedure of each task but also the coordination of a localization team which may include employees as well as freelance specialists. Without specialized tools, localization of complex software is very difficult and time consuming and quite often involves the same task to be uselessly repeated over and over again. Fortunately, there is quite a variety of specialized tools available today. While some are custom made for the software localization process, others are more general translation and customization tools. This comparative review examines 3 specialized software localization applications and 2 more general translation packages which also cover the localization process of software.
We provide comprehensive, professional software localization services, including:
1) GUI L10N
GUI (Graphic User Interface) text extraction, rc or properties files translation, debugging and testing of user interface etc.
2) Online Help L10N
With translation tool Trados and help compilation tools RoboHelp and WebWorks, we can fully localize online help and deliver ready-to-publish products (.chm or WebHelp). All index, sorting and search functions will be localized in accordance with target languages’ conventions.
3) Documentation
With glossary and translation memory, we can keep good consistent in terms, phrases and translation style among document, user interface and online help. Output includes high-resolution and low-resolution PDF, and compiled Help format etc.

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